1984 "Utility w/ 5 in. Shelf"

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Mirror frame is held on all four sides in a channel , there by supporting the back as well as the front of the mirror and protects against breakage - especially when frames are used on mirror doors or in fitting rooms.

Narrow Mirror Frame (only 7/16" wide) exposes Maximum Mirror Surface.

No backing is required or desired - this allows air space behind mirror and prevents condensation of moisture and ads years to the life of the mirror.

When Mirror Frame is assembled, frame is held firmly against wall by hooking top member behind # 1637 Cleat and screwing bottom to the wall.

Lower member ( supporting weight ) is screw to the wall ( or door ) and will hold a mirror of any width and any reasonable height securely.

Installed cost is only slightly higher than cost of grinding and polishing ( beveling ) edges of the mirror and using metal or plastic clips.

Glazing Vinyl Available  

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